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March Mayhem continues! I’m hosting interviews with characters from some of the books you can win when you enter the giveaway (you’ve done that, right?), starting with Yalira, the heroine of Kat Parrish’s Bride of the Midnight King.


kat-parrishYala_lgYalira de Braxis, the heroine of Bride of the Midnight King and its sequel, Daughter of the Midnight King, was the natural daughter of Lexander de Braxis, a merchant who served on the vampire King Idrax’s Sunlight Council. She was orphaned early in life and brought up by her stepmother Tamare in the company of her stepsisters Resa and Rilla, working in Tamare’s gambling club, The House of Chaos and Chance. Yala, as her friends call her, never expected her life to take the turn it did, but that’s chaos and chance for you.

This interview with Yalira was conducted after the events of The Bride of the Midnight King, so her answers may contain mild spoilers.


If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

 As you know, I live in the Shadow Palace now and sleep during the day, so it would have to be a night without responsibilities. The truth is, I enjoy my responsibilities and my days are balanced between duty and pleasure so that I never feel over-burdened by one and never get bored by the other.


If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? What are you most proud of about your life?

 I should like to come back as a person in the far future when it will be possible to travel not just to other realms but also to whatever realms lie among the stars. When I was a little girl, my father would point out the pictures in the sky and tell me stories about the stars and I would wonder—what kind of marvelous creatures live on the stars?

I hope at the end of my life I’ll be able to look back at things I’ve done that have made Eindar a better place for all her citizens, human and vampire alike. I’m well aware of my position and the power that position gives me to effect change. I see my role as someone who can unite the factions that are threatening the peace and happiness of Eindar’s people.


What was the happiest time of your life?

Was? The happiest time of my life is the present. (more…)


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Hi-ho, everybody!  Just a quick reminder, or announcement, that my short story “The Blue Dress” is available for free on smashwords in the format of your choice.  This story first appeared in Dark Valentine Magazine, a fabulously cool but short-lived e-zine, in 2010.  Here’s a sample:

bluedress-coverBeside the fireplace of a secure little cabin, deep in the mountains, two people huddled together, wrapped in blankets of fur and wool. Outside, the storms of winter howled, blizzard winds gnawing at the rafters, gnashing their icy teeth in fury and frustration, for the tiny house was so well-constructed that not even a single snowflake could find its way inside. A happy chance had led the pair to this shelter just as the first of the autumn storms struck, and though it was certainly a cozy place for a young couple to spend a day or two, it was perhaps a bit confined for an extended honeymoon.

No sounds broke the silence but the low fire’s crackle and the hissing of wind and snow outside. The lovers crept closer together, taking comfort from the warmth of each other’s embrace.

“We’ll need more firewood soon,” said the young man at length. “And the food’s almost gone as well.”

“Oh, Charles,” said the young woman, gazing up into his face, “what should we do? We can’t go outside in this.”

He tightened his arms around her. “We may not have a choice.” The words did nothing to ease the worry from her face, and he said, “Don’t fret, sweetheart. We won’t take any unnecessary risks.”

She snuggled in close against him, her cheek against his breast. “Let’s not talk about such things right now,” she said. “Let’s not think about them until we have to.”

He knew, of course, that failing to think about their many problems would fail to solve them too–but he also knew that his darling was cold and weary and frightened, and if he could alleviate at least one of those sufferings, it was his duty (and his pleasure) as a husband to do so.

“Very well, love,” he said, stroking her dark hair, “we’ll not think about them until we have to.”

Let us leave them now to enjoy their private moment together; such things should not be spied upon, not even by such inquisitive folk as you and I. Perhaps, while they take comfort in each other’s arms and forget for a while the deadly storm that ravens just beyond their cabin walls, you would be interested to learn how two such innocents as these found themselves cold and hungry and alone in the middle of a mountain winter?

It’s kind of a romance, with some spooky elements, bargain basement Hawthorne maybe.  Head over to smashwords to get the rest!

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