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Spring is here, and it’s time for March Mayhem! Fifteen days… five authors… and the chance to win a fabulous swag basket with prizes from Donna Thorland,Lynne Connolly, Kat Parrish, Joanne Renaud, and me!

In addition to a shiny new paperback copy of A Question of Time and Joanne’s brand new science fiction romance Doors, Joanne is also giving away the artwork featured in the banner above, which features (from left to right) Yalira from Kat Parrish’s Bride of the Midnight King, Marcus Aurelius, Lord Malton from Lynne Connolly’s Dilemma in Yellow Silk, Anna Winters (and her kitten Scrappy) from Donna Thorland’s The Dutch Girl, Charlie from my short story Somebody Brave, and Orne St. John from Doors.

More info about these characters here!  You can find out more about March Mayhem prizes here, and you can enter to win from Joanne’s home page from now until 3/30/2016, 12 AM, EST.


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If you are like me, then you enjoy books.  Recently I acquired a large stack of pretty good (!!!) YA books recently, which I have been burning through as though, when I got to the end of the stack, there was still a huge stack yet to be read and I wouldn’t be wandering desolately around the house murmuring, “But what shall I read next?”  Because that is what always happens.  (Usually right before bedtime.)

If you are also like me, you probably do not have a vast quantity of disposable income for the acquisition of said books.  Libraries and used bookstores are your friends!  But if you are still like me, you probably also do not have a vast quantity of disposable time for the winnowing of the wheat from the chaff in said libraries and used bookstores (although, hey, wandering a library or a used bookstore looking at books is probably one of the best uses of one’s disposable time, isn’t it?), and wouldn’t life be simpler if someone would just come up and say to you, “Hey, here are some cheap or free books that you might enjoy, have a list”?

Enter Book Bub!* I just signed up, and though I realize I sound like I’m writing ad copy for them, really I am just passing along a tip.  One enters one’s reading preferences, and one receives a list of deals for ebooks that are either hilariously cheap (Robin McKinley’s Deerskin for $1.99!  If I didn’t already own a copy you know I would be all over that) or downright free.  Save time, save money, get lots of new books to try!  I think there is no bad here.**

And I'm pretty sure Lil Bub approves.

And I’m pretty sure Lil Bub approves.

*Site actually has nothing to do with Lil Bub, as far as I can tell.

**There may be bad here, but I just signed up, so if the website sends demon ninja robots to your house in the middle of the night, and you have to fend them off with your mother’s katana that you keep in the closet, and then team up with a mad scientist and an ancient Viking wolf-warrior to find the key to defeating the demon ninja robots’ master, well … a.) that wasn’t in the fine print, and b.) actually that sounds pretty awesome and can I come along?

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