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Hungarian Hussar Sabre and Fokos Fencing is now LIVE ON AMAZON! Put on your wings*, buckle on your sabre, and gallop on over to pick yourself up a copy of this extensively illustrated how-to manual for all your Hungarian Hussar sword (and axe!) fighting needs.


He’s off to get a copy before the Russians get them all!

*okay, so technically the guys with wings were Polish, but hey…

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Coming soon!

I’m delighted to announce, after a long production process, the latest book I’ve worked on is in its final stages and will be available soon from Amazon!

From the back copy:

Hungarian Hussar Sabre and Fokos Fencing provides a heavily-illustrated, step-by-step guide for how to fence — and how to teach! — Hungarian sabre fencing, as well as how to use the “fokos,” or long-handled axe traditional to Hungary and East-Central Europe.  It covers everything from basic stance work and tactics to complete synoptic tables and how to troubleshoot students who are having difficulty with the material.  The manual also provides translated comparative material in order to demonstrate how the lineage the author learned is — and is not — like other methods of fencing taught in Hungary and at the Wiener-Neustadt cadet school in the mid-to-late 19th century up through World War One.

I’ve been training with the author, Russ Mitchell, for a couple of years, and I’m happy to be the one providing those extensive illustrations mentioned above.

Learn to do this!

The author is waiting on his final proofs, and once those have been approved the book will be live. I’ll update with a link for interested parties, once that happens.

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I don’t know how it is with other people who both write things and draw things, but I find that my writing goes better when I have time to draw–and I don’t mean, either, the focused kind of I’m on a deadline and have to draw fifty spandex-clad superheroes by Monday drawing, but the more leisurely, Hey this class–or meeting–or what-have-you–is kind of boring and I’m going to doodle my characters in the margins of the notes I’m supposed to be taking kind of drawing.  In that way, the writing and the drawing balance and fuel each other, like one of those kinetic batteries that charges when you shake it.

Not a lot of time for that lately (although Aine did get to wear some cool plate mail in a scene because of doodles of plate-mail Aine), but here’s a picture from a year ago that I polished up and refurbished–like an old cabinet with a new coat of paint! 😀  If you like it, you can get it as a print on Redbubble.  (See what I did there?  Subtle, right?)

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