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13sfexp300Sometimes you stumble across pretty neat stuff on the internet.  Yesterday I found, via following one link after another after another, something called the 2013 Science Fiction Experience, hosted by Carl V at a blog called Stainless Steel Droppings.  (Confession: my dad was a huge fan of the Stainless Steel Rat books, but I have never read them; maybe now would be a good time to start!)  It sounds like fun, so sometime in the opening months of 2013 I’ll be posting some reviews of sci-fi I’ve encountered lately.

This is quite timely for me, really; inspired by Scott Lynch’s Queen of the Iron Sands serial, I’ve been plunging myself into some really old-school sci-fi; I’m talking vintage pulp from the early days of the genre, before the rules were set in stone–before there were any rules.  It’s exhilirating, so fresh and fun after a glut of dreary now-ness.  Everything old is new again!


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