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Pirates! Romance! Adventure! Dragons! Time travel! Possibly also the kitchen sink!

Pirates! Romance! Adventure! Dragons! Time travel! Possibly also the kitchen sink!

Hi-ho, everybody! Smashwords is doing one their intermittent promotions, so for this week only you can sail over there and get the ebook of The Voyage to Ruin for FREE! Just use the coupon code SFREE at checkout.


And if you read it, and you like it, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or Facebook or your personal blog or spray-painted on a fence somewhere, or whatever strikes your fancy. It doesn’t have to be long, just a sentence or two about what you thought. Reviews from real live readers are the author’s lifeblood. (Well, that and coffee, I’m pretty sure.)


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sleepyhollowHello, lovely and faithful reader(s)! My handsome and talented husband, Mr Scott J Laurange, has a new short story out in the Legends of Sleepy Hollow anthology, available now on Amazon.

Here’s the description:

The Headless Horseman is not alone. The village of Sleepy Hollow has long been home to ghosts, ghouls, and supernatural tales which defy description. Legends of Sleepy Hollow presents eleven original tales of terror and mystery from that enchanted village made famous by Washington Irving nearly 200 years ago.

Mr Laurange hails from that region (indeed, his hometown has a pretty strong claim to being the Sleepy Hollow), and has infused his story, “The Devil’s Spindle,” with all the creepy atmosphere one could wish from a tale set in the misty hills of upstate New York. (I’m a High Plains gal myself, and I just can’t get behind the idea of all those trees. *shudder*) So go have a look-see!

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Captain Drake Wants You!

Captain Drake Wants You!

Calling all book bloggers and reviewers!  I’m seeking exposure for my little book, The Voyage to Ruin.  If you are a book reviewer or blogger, especially of the SF/F flavor, I’d love for you to read my book.

Here’s the summary:

Fifty-five years have passed since the disappearance of the famed pirate Captain Flynn Freeborn, and the golden age of piracy has become an age of peace. Airships soar the skies, and friendship flourishes between nations. In these days when all wars have been fought, Captain Acheron Zeal of the Royal Navy longs for glory, adventure and promotion; his mission, to hunt down a new pirate threat, seems a godsend–but his ocean-going vessel will be hard-pressed to capture his airborne adversary, the captain of the airship Eschaton. His task is further complicated when he meets the proud and beautiful Franceline Drake, who has good reason to despise Captain Zeal–for this enchanting young woman is the very pirate he has sworn to bring to justice.

His pursuit of Drake embroils them both in peril: the wrath of a sea-god, the machinations of an ancient dragon, the ruthless schemes of a corrupt and ambitious Prince … and the bumbling interference of a man claiming to be Flynn Freeborn himself, resurfaced in the world not a day older than when he disappeared.

Sound interesting?  Fun?  Terrible?  If you’d like a free review copy (digital only), please contact me!

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It’s here!  The Nightfalls anthology is now available for Kindle; print version coming soon.

Here’s the description from Amazon:

We are born fearing the dark, or at least, what lives in the dark, the things with teeth and fangs and blood on their breath.

And now, darkness is falling–in the city; in the country; around the globe; in the universe. It’s the end of the Mayan Long Count. It’s the zombie apocalypse. It’s an extinction event. It’s … well, does it really matter what it is? It’s … over.

And what will be left when all is lost? Will there be love? A feeling of déjà vu? A sense of relief? An overriding instinct for survival in the face of an indifferent Fate?

What lessons have we learned? What legacy will we leave behind when night falls forever?

Is anyone listening? Is anyone watching? Will there be anyone, or anything, left to bear witness when the last light fails?

Dark Valentine Press presents Nightfalls: Notes from the end of the world, a charity anthology in which twenty-nine writers from three different countries present their unique visions of the end of the world in half a dozen genres. These short stories run the gamut from hilarious to heart-breaking, with stops at all the emotions in between.

Thomas Pluck

Some Say the World Will End in Fire
Sidney Anne Harrison

Forward is Where the Croissantwich Is
Chris Rhatigan

Somebody Brave
Kat Laurange

Our Lady
Dale Phillips

Greene Day
Nigel Bird

Megan McCord

The Memory Keeper
Sandra Seamans

Bon Appétit
Barb Goffman

Déjà vu
Christopher Grant

It’s Not the End of the World
Matthew C. Funk

A Sound as of Trumpets
Berkeley Hunt

Supper Time
Col Bury

Call the Folks
Alex Keir

Dellani Oakes

The End of Everything
A.J. Hayes

Last Shift
Steven Luna

Into the Night
Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw

Richard Godwin

Amidst Encircling Gloom
Scott J. Laurange

G. Wells Taylor

Princess Soda and the Bubblegum Knight
R. C. Barnes

The Last Wave
Kaye George

The Dogs on Main Street Howl
Allan Leverone

The Knitted Gaol-Born Sow Monkey
Peter Mark May

Christian Dabnor

The Tasting
Jesse James Freeman

The Annas
Patricia Abbott

Night Train to Mundo Fine
Jimmy Callaway

Proceeds from the sale of Nightalls will benefit at-risk children and their families in Los Angeles.

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A little announcement: a short story of mine will be appearing in the anthology Nightfalls, a collection of short stories about the end of the world, edited by Katherine Tomlinson.  More info at the link!

I’m doing final edits now on my short story, “Somebody Brave,” about a group of adventurers who meet a grim fate.  I’ll let you guys know more details as I have them.

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