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Pirates! Romance! Adventure! Dragons! Time travel! Possibly also the kitchen sink!

Pirates! Romance! Adventure! Dragons! Time travel! Possibly also the kitchen sink!

Hi-ho, everybody! Smashwords is doing one their intermittent promotions, so for this week only you can sail over there and get the ebook of The Voyage to Ruin for FREE! Just use the coupon code SFREE at checkout.


And if you read it, and you like it, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or Facebook or your personal blog or spray-painted on a fence somewhere, or whatever strikes your fancy. It doesn’t have to be long, just a sentence or two about what you thought. Reviews from real live readers are the author’s lifeblood. (Well, that and coffee, I’m pretty sure.)


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Brave_coverMy short story, “Somebody Brave,’ is available now, DRM-free, on Amazon!

Here’s the book description:

They had done what they could. The six heroes had traversed the land to gather the seventeen Artifacts to defeat the evil sorcerer Maliax. But would their efforts be enough to stop the end of the world?

This short adventure story originally appeared in the Nightfalls anthology from Dark Valentine Press.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, this story can be yours! Or you can enter to win a free copy, as well as a whole bunch of other nifty free books and book-related items, as the March Mayhem giveaway winds to a close. If you haven’t entered yet, hop to it!

Either way, thanks for looking, and if you read the story you can help me out by leaving a review! I hope you enjoy it!

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I would show what I've been working on, but, you know, NDAs and whatnot.

I would show what I’ve actually been working on, but, you know, NDAs and whatnot.

Work has been keeping me busy, which means less blogging, of course, but I thought I would interrupted my deadline-imposed blog exile for a couple of advertisements.

First, my nautical fantasy The Voyage to Ruin, chock-full of pirates, airships, swashbuckling, ancient sea gods, dragons, magicians, and countries named after food, is now only $2.99 at Smashwords and on Amazon. I am informed it is available on Google Play as well, but since my dashboard there won’t give me a link nor where to find one, probably easier to go to one of the other places. If I ever do get a Google link, I will share it. [ETA: A helpful and keen-eyed reader discovered the Google Books link for me.  A glass of rum with you, sir!] Two dollars and ninety-nine cents! It is an excellent price for over 100,000 words of intrigue, sorcery, fisticuffs, sea battles, and even a hint of romance. There is no kitchen sink included, only because none of the main characters ever set foot inside a kitchen, and ships lack such amenities anyway.

And second, TeePublic is holding its monthly sitewide sale. Like the gentleman who, when he had a little money, bought books, when I have a little spare time I draw Thor. Some of those Thor-related designs can be purchased on shirts at my TeePublic shop, and I would take it as a kindness if you would go and check them out. There is also a Last Unicorn design, for those who remember that movie with fondness.

Colorful shirts for your torso!

Colorful shirts for your torso!

This concludes our advertisement interruption; we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Oh, and happy Thorsday! 😀

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It’s Wednesday!  And I am swamped with many cool and exciting but time-consuming projects–about which more when they are not covered by NDAs– so no snippet this week.  No snippet for the forseeable, really, but I don’t want to be negative and rule out the possibility.

In lieu of content, how about some nifty stuff I found round abouts the interwebs this past week?  Some of it might even be relevant to your lives, dear readers!

  • Trying to bang out that novel, feeling overwhelmed by the task?  How about this video about using Science(!) to help you be more productive?  Tips include breaking down large tasks into small, manageable chunks, and putting an end to multi-tasking.
  • Speaking of breaking down large tasks into smaller chunks, have you ever wanted to read the Star Wars expanded universe novels, but not known where to start?  This handy-dandy list from Tor gives you some ideas.

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Captain Drake Wants You!

Captain Drake Wants You!

Calling all book bloggers and reviewers!  I’m seeking exposure for my little book, The Voyage to Ruin.  If you are a book reviewer or blogger, especially of the SF/F flavor, I’d love for you to read my book.

Here’s the summary:

Fifty-five years have passed since the disappearance of the famed pirate Captain Flynn Freeborn, and the golden age of piracy has become an age of peace. Airships soar the skies, and friendship flourishes between nations. In these days when all wars have been fought, Captain Acheron Zeal of the Royal Navy longs for glory, adventure and promotion; his mission, to hunt down a new pirate threat, seems a godsend–but his ocean-going vessel will be hard-pressed to capture his airborne adversary, the captain of the airship Eschaton. His task is further complicated when he meets the proud and beautiful Franceline Drake, who has good reason to despise Captain Zeal–for this enchanting young woman is the very pirate he has sworn to bring to justice.

His pursuit of Drake embroils them both in peril: the wrath of a sea-god, the machinations of an ancient dragon, the ruthless schemes of a corrupt and ambitious Prince … and the bumbling interference of a man claiming to be Flynn Freeborn himself, resurfaced in the world not a day older than when he disappeared.

Sound interesting?  Fun?  Terrible?  If you’d like a free review copy (digital only), please contact me!

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Here’s hoping that 2013 is fabulous, brilliant, lovely, wonderful and productive for all you, dear readers!


And don’t forget, there’s still time to snag your totally free copy of The Voyage to Ruin: just sail on over to Smashwords to download it, and enter the code TY36X at checkout for the full discount.  Happy New Year of grace 2013!

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Captain Flynn

Captain Flynn by yours truly

The pirate Flynn Freeborn appeared on the scene during the time of Queen Leonara, the Lioness of Camembert, and many are the disparate and conflicting tales of his origin.  All that can be stated for certain is that he began his piratical career under the tutelage of Cornelius Cid of the Wild Goose, but soon graduated to his own equally ornithological Peregrine, where, in company with the infamous Lucenza di Ladro, he harried merchants and disrupted trade all up and down the coast of the Casean continent.

His consort was defeated in a set-to with a squadron of the Royal Navy, commanded by Commodore Sir Dextrus Lightwave, but the Peregrine sailed on … and promptly vanished out of history.  Or rather, the Peregrine sailed on, but without its captain.  Though pirates are of course a naturally superstitious lot, prone to exaggeration and outright lies, every man aboard swore that Captain Flynn vanished from out of his own sleeping cabin, and that it was the vengeful spirit of Lucenza di Ladro herself that dragged him down to hell.


Captain Flynn Freeborn sat with his feet on his sea chest and his boots on the deck, trimming his toenails with a boarding axe.  He hummed in a cheerful baritone as he worked, and the occasional lyrical phrase slipping free revealed that he sang one of those sea shanties of which sailors are so fond—yet not just one sea shanty, but a thematic fusion of all the sea shanties in Captain Flynn’s considerable repertoire, the very apotheosis of all sea shanties:

“Hmm-hmmm drunken sailor … rant and roar hmm-hmmm … drink up, me hearties, yo ho!”

He reflected as the nail parings fell down to the deck on the keen, almost unparalleled pleasure, so often unappreciated, of neat, trim toenails—a pleasure, alas, that many of his men did not share with their captain.  Why, there was many a salt on the Peregrine (an otherwise taut ship—or as taut as one of its kind, with such a captain, could be) with horny old growths covering his toes, yellowing carapaces as tough as rhinoceros hide and as long as the tusks of an oliphant.  Yet they skittered up and down the masts never batting an eye—or breaking a toe—and padded about the deck barefoot, unabashed by their lack of pedicurial hygiene.  It was not a thing he could easily understand.

The boarding axe, honed to a razor’s sharpness, shaved off the last crescent of nail.  Captain Flynn, well satisfied, leaped to his feet, thrust the weapon through his belt, and bellowed out in a voice that would have put the mightiest lungs on the stages of Parmigiana to shame, “O where are me boots, me noggin, noggin boots?”  The answer, of course, was “on the deck, right where you left them,” but Flynn preferred the less accurate but lyrically more appropriate, “All gone for beer and tobacco!”

He continued to sing in a roar that could have been heard at the foretop in a howling hurricane as he pulled on the aforementioned footgear, and would have gone on to wonder about not only his boots but his shirt and his bed had not an even louder shout, hoarse and irritable, overridden him.  Extracted from the sailors’ cant and obscenity, the gist of the message was this:

“The First Mate’s compliments, sir, and would you kindly belay that atonal howling and come up on deck?”


The Voyage to Ruin, volume one of The Sky Sailors, is available in a variety of formats in a variety of places: in Kindle format at Amazon, in other electronic formats at Smashwords, and, for the traditionalist, in dead-tree format at Lulu.com.

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