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Brave_coverMy short story, “Somebody Brave,’ is available now, DRM-free, on Amazon!

Here’s the book description:

They had done what they could. The six heroes had traversed the land to gather the seventeen Artifacts to defeat the evil sorcerer Maliax. But would their efforts be enough to stop the end of the world?

This short adventure story originally appeared in the Nightfalls anthology from Dark Valentine Press.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, this story can be yours! Or you can enter to win a free copy, as well as a whole bunch of other nifty free books and book-related items, as the March Mayhem giveaway winds to a close. If you haven’t entered yet, hop to it!

Either way, thanks for looking, and if you read the story you can help me out by leaving a review! I hope you enjoy it!


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sleepyhollowHello, lovely and faithful reader(s)! My handsome and talented husband, Mr Scott J Laurange, has a new short story out in the Legends of Sleepy Hollow anthology, available now on Amazon.

Here’s the description:

The Headless Horseman is not alone. The village of Sleepy Hollow has long been home to ghosts, ghouls, and supernatural tales which defy description. Legends of Sleepy Hollow presents eleven original tales of terror and mystery from that enchanted village made famous by Washington Irving nearly 200 years ago.

Mr Laurange hails from that region (indeed, his hometown has a pretty strong claim to being the Sleepy Hollow), and has infused his story, “The Devil’s Spindle,” with all the creepy atmosphere one could wish from a tale set in the misty hills of upstate New York. (I’m a High Plains gal myself, and I just can’t get behind the idea of all those trees. *shudder*) So go have a look-see!

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